Like most people in their twenties, I’m still struggling to figure out which path I want to take. My passions are far-ranging, from politics to human rights to film, and their vastness sometimes feels paralyzing. Though I don’t intend for this blog to be about a woman navigating the beginning of her career, I can’t help but acknowledge that it was spawned from the feeling that bridging my interests professionally might be impossible.

I fell in love with the act of watching movies around eight years ago, once my critical thinking and analytical skills kicked in. I realized that I was moved by film in a way that most of my family and peers weren’t. I loved discussing movies–their merits and weaknesses, their depictions of women and people of color, their cinematographies and scores. Gaining the confidence to attend movies alone as a teenager was life-changing for me, as I was no longer bound to the tastes and whims of my family and friends. I began to despair over the fact that my hometown in Texas had only two theaters that dared to screen a limited amount of independent and foreign films, and celebrated when I moved to Baltimore for college and was able to frequent the local art house theater. My film universe expanded even more after I moved to Paris last year. The Parisian film scene (as one might expect) is filled with more foreign, independent, and art films than one person with other obligations can watch (though I tried very hard).

This is all to say that movie-going is far more than a hobby to me–it’s a passion that captured my attention and captivated my mind. Continuing to navigate the indecisiveness of youth (to me) means carving out space and time to be dedicated to my passions, regardless of whether they line up with my professional trajectory or not. That’s what this blog is intended to be–a space for the part of me who dreams of writing about movies and participating in the film industry in some capacity. I don’t know where it will lead or (more honestly) whether I will actually keep up with it, but I hope that it will help me grow as a writer, film critic, and cinephile.



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