Prodigal Daughter (and all that jazz)

Hi everyone! I’m well aware that I haven’t updated this blog in a hot second (and by hot second I mean six months). Although I absolutely loved writing the first several posts for this blog, finishing up my master’s degree, doing an internship, starting a job hunt, and enjoying my last few months in Paris took up a lot of time. But now that I’m basically done with all those things (barring the job hunt), I want to continue updating this blog with my thoughts on the movies I watch.

To be perfectly honest, this wasn’t a semester full of film watching for me. The few trips I took to the theater weren’t always worthwhile (I’m looking at you Detective Pikachu), and to be honest, I found myself rewatching old seasons of Ru Paul’s Drag Race more than watching new releases. But now that I’m headed back to the U.S. I’ll be getting back into the swing of hitting up the theater at least once a week, so stay tuned for some more #content.

I’ve also spent this time thinking a lot about what I want this blog to be. While I created it with the intention of focusing on films only, I now want to broaden the scope a bit more and allow myself to write more creatively/freely. I’m not sure exactly what that will entail quite yet, but rest assured there will still be plenty more writing about movies.

TLDR: I’m baaaaaaaack.

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